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Your Number One Choice in Carpet, Upholstery & Curtain Cleaners in Centurion, Pretoria North , Pretoria East, Pretoria Central and Surrounding Areas!

Chem-Dry has franchises that cover the Pretoria area from Centurion to Pretoria North. Backed by our national Franchise and with over 15 years experience in Southern Africa Chem-Dry is your number one choice in the Pretoria area for carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning. We offer the following services:-

Cleaning of Rugs
Our system of cleaning and washing of Persian rugs, silk, wool, cotton and synthetic helps optimise the life of your rugs. With a professional regular cleaning or constant and implementation of our protector plan your home or office. will always have that fresh new look. Ask today about our products for the protection of rugs, which when applied professionally by a technician of Chem-Dry in Pretoria to minimise the risk of damage by spots between the regular cleanings.

Cleaning & Washing of Carpets
Our technicians are highly trained in the appliocatiuon of our green certified products that are non-toxic and will not leave residues. We take care of every fiber of your carpet, that is why our laundry service ensures our customers a quality work and with optimum results. We offer a service of washing of carpets that allows you to have more time to clean carpets. The drying time of our process is one hour on average in the simplest packages to be a system of low humidity, thus avoiding the formation of mold and bacteria. The Protection in the fibers of ChemDry, helps keep the carpets much cleaner during the time that there has been no regular professional cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning
The Chem-Dry furniture quality clean uses our unique carbonated products that clean, disinfected and protects this will achieve deep cleaning especially in furniture for offices and residences. Our solutions help to reduce or eliminate any type of stain. The result will improve the texture of the upholstery and revive the colours to look clean and bring out their original splendour.

Cleaning of Leather Furniture
Chem-Dry’s proffesional leather clkening solutions will clean and protect the leather furniture. Our unique process are designed to nurtured the pigmented skin, natural and suede. In leather furniture we use products that creates and invisible layer allowing the skin and/or the vinyl breathe by protecting them against stains of liquids, fats and dust. In addition to providing the natural oils to avoid cracks and cracks.